Dining Carryout & Delivery Service at Various Restaurants

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Visit Promenade Temecula for Dining Carryout & Delivery Service

Promenade Temecula

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Restaurant carryout & delivery options available at Promenade Temecula

Restaurant Phone Number Carryout Delivery
California Pizza Kitchen 951-296-0575 X X
The Cheesecake Factory 951-296-0230 X X
Lazy Dog 951-719-1884 X X
Lucille's 951-719-7427 X X
Luna Grill 951-296-0605 X X
P.F. Chang's 951-296-6700 X X
Pressed Juicery 951-296-0906 X X
Red Robin 951-296-1667 X X
Sushi Boat 951-719-2991 X X
Yard House 951-296-3116 X X


Service is subject to changes and/or cancellations. Thank you for your patience while we work to keep this page as updated and accurate as possible.